About Us

We Are Solar Initiators

At Spark we recognize that Texas is moving a little slow in the solar space. That's why we are here putting our entire efforts into new relationships and advancing solar into our communities. We would be doing the world an injustice by not helping you go solar. Texas needs solar, and we're bringing it.

Currently we are installing in the entire state of Texas. We have a physical office in Granbury and Corpus Christi. We sattelite offices in west Texas and in San Marcus, Texas.

Knowledge Is Power!

It's okay, you don't need to know much about solar! We will walk you through the info and process. You don't need to buy a book on solar, we already have and we want to show you what we know.

Go Solar With Spark

100% turn key commercial solar? Yes, we have it all covered. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Also, we have created some unique business relationships, so we can help you go green from front to back. 

Our History

It Started With Residential

Spark Residential Solar Install

Our entire team started in residential solar sales and installs. Between all of our installs combined we are well over 500 projects complete in Texas.

Then An Idea


The President of Spark has been in solar going on 4 years. He has met 100s of business owners that know nothing about solar. That's why we are helping so many businesses go solar!

Initiating Solar


Now we have an exclusively commercial solar install company. We started in early 2018. As our team says, "it's #crazyup from here!"