Benefits of Solar


10 Awesome Benefits of Solar Power

What’s the big deal with solar anyway?

Well, let us tell you how it can impact your life now and in the future!

Still not convinced?

We know. Some of these things listed seem…well…too good to be true. And we’ve been taught to think that means it’s not true. But the facts don’t lie. 

So check out a few more benefits that might just help you make your decision to go solar with Spark!

Solar costs less than the grid

Because more people are going solar, and thanks to improving technology, energy from your own solar system costs way less than it used to. In fact, it costs less than grid energy generated from fossil fuels. All things being equal, solar is almost always cheaper than grid energy.​

Solar is generated locally

The energy you use can come from anywhere on the power grid...even if that’s thousands of miles away. Not to mention the fuel it’s generated from, which can be shipped in from all over the world. Oil and gas, for instance, are often imported from unfriendly, authoritarian regimes.

Solar is installed by local tradespeople, and is generated from photons that would otherwise just be beating down on your roof and cooking whatever you keep in your attic. Solar means energy independence, in more ways than one.

No-hassle financing

Solar for your home will save you plenty of money, but the system itself is a pretty big investment. If you don’t have the cash now, don’t worry. We can help you get financed so you don’t have to wait. We have options for ANY homeowner!

Minimal impact on its immediate environment

Coal plants spew heavy smoke. Nuclear plants put out radioactive waste that have to be carefully stored for centuries. Even hydroelectric power reshapes landscapes and permanently floods natural areas. Solar makes no noise, gives off no exhaust, and only adds about four inches to the top of your house. You–and the surrounding wildlife–barely know it’s there.​

Saves you from volatile changes in energy prices

If history is any indicator, grid energy prices will continue to go up over time, just as they always have. Buying solar for your home now means that your future energy costs are fixed, thereby predictable. Grid energy prices could spike, and you will be largely unaffected.

Solar spreads out energy production

Our national power grids are widely interconnected. We mostly rely on power that’s generated in large plants and conveyed on enormous transmission lines. When any of these critical components goes offline, it affects a lot of people. By putting solar on individual buildings all across the USA, energy production is widely distributed, and the whole infrastructure becomes much less vulnerable to failure.

A federal tax credit saves you 26%...for now

2020 is the year for the maximum value of the Solar Investment Tax Credit. It’s a direct, federal tax benefit that pays you back for a portion of your system when you file your next tax return. Spark has some additional tax incentives to help pay for the system as well. You can get up to 50% of your system paid for with these incentives.

100% Carbon neutral

Photovoltaic panels sit in one place their entire lives, catching sunshine and turning it into energy. Nothing gets pumped out of the ground, nothing gets burned, and nothing contributes to the greenhouse effect.

Commercial solar qualifies for accelerated depreciation

If the solar is purchased by a business entity, it qualifies for 100% depreciation in the first year after the purchase. In addition to the tax credit–and any local incentives that may apply–you’ll save even more on your solar, to the tune of your business’ income tax rate. Please consult your accountant to understand how this will apply to your specific tax situation.

Not only does solar rock, our customers do too!

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