Solar D&Rs = Mo’ Money Mo’ Jobs!

Roofers, what if I told you you could be making an average of an additional $2,430 more on roofing jobs that have solar panels? In the past couple of months I have ran into multiple business owners and sales professionals that say things like, “money doesn’t motivate me,” or “I don’t do what I do […]

Spark Solar Going Federal

Spark Solar is taking a big step forward in the world of solar energy. We are now working on federal contracts in order to provide more solar to more people, but the train does not stop with solar. We also offer a wide range of energy-efficient renovations from electric car charging stations to LED lighting […]

Texas Solar News

Texas Solar News Updates Texas is on its way to overtaking California in the world of renewable energy and solar is playing a huge part in that. By the end of 2022, Texas vows to add another 10 GW of solar capacity. By utilizing tax credits, utility-scale solar is heading strong. As Texas continues to […]

Getting a New Roof? Solar Removal and Reinstall

So hail came through and damaged your roof. Now what?! Your solar panels made it through because they are built like a tank (or maybe they broke due to some freakishly huge and oddly shaped ice footballs), but you have roof damage. How do you get to the roof through your solar panels? The long […]

Affordable Commercial Solar Energy With Spark Solar

Spark Solar is here to make a difference in the business world. We all struggled during the past year and as we recover from COVID-19, Spark Solar is doing what it does best for the small businesses and nonprofits of Texas. We’re looking for Texas native businesses and nonprofits looking to make the switch to […]

Texas Solar News- a Sunny Outlook on the Future

Texas is known for three things, guns, brisket, and oil, but Texas is starting to be known for something a little greener. Solar Energy. The Solar Energy Industry Association ranked Texas as the second for solar in the National Ranking. The great state of Texas is on the rise in the solar field over the […]

How Spark Solar is Helping Texas go Solar

We’ve all seen solar panels at one point in our lives. If it’s six on your neighbor’s house or thousands on a solar farm, you may have thought that if solar is so great why doesn’t everyone rely on solar? Because most people are fine with the energy they get from the electrical company. They […]

Spark Solar April Giveaway

Spark Solar is here and we’re feeling a little generous this month. Not only do we already provide the best in financing and service, we are now offering a free generator with all solar installations throughout the month of April. GENERAC GP SERIES 3600 PORTABLE GENERATOR There are great reasons to keep a generator on […]

Spark Solar + LG Tech: Match made in Heaven

Spark Solar works with the top brands and companies in the industry, and we like to brag about them. One of our favorites is LG’s Hybrid Solar System. Not only is this battery physically strong and incredibly durable, but it is entirely reliable even in the worst conditions. There is a reason it is the […]

Texas Energy Rates Are Expected To Rise – thanks to winter storms

Texas Energy Rates To Rise Due To Winter Storms 2021

…the February winter storms have put too much weight on the energy grid. …it’s time to go solar.