Backup Batteries? Sure, We’ve Got Sonnen!

It’s time to start offering our customers the #1 battery on the market! The Sonnen is an amazing product, and we are SO excited that we have officially launched into the off-grid and battery market. We thought long and hard about what battery backup we wanted to bring on board at Spark. The Tesla Powerwall was our initial intent (mainly because people know and have heard of the Tesla brand), but unfortunately we did not find the best feedback on that product. We all love a respect Tesla, but the hunt continued as we discussed different options that are out there. The Sonnen battery was brought to our attention across the web. We found mentions in tons of blog posts, and of course… chatter amongst our installers. So we began to dig in to spec sheets, videos, solar blogs, FB groups, etc.

We then called a Sonnen representative directly to gather stats and data on their product, beyond what we found online (it turns out that Sonnen supplies all data on sales and installs on their website. We encourage you to do your research as well. But there is no real need to over inform yourself, the technology is pretty simple). And you know what? …..wow. This battery knocks ALL others out of the park in every area. It not only looks clean and elegant in the home, it is safein homes. Not to mention it has a 10 year warranty.

Spark Solar is also providing a “3 Year Annual Check Up Warranty” for all of our customers. That’s right, we are coming out for free 365 days after the Sonnen is installed three times. That is more than what we have found some of our competition is offering.

This safe in-home back up battery is through and through the best battery for your home. Sonnen! Sonnen means “sun” in German. The sun doesn’t stop working…. kind of like the Sonnen. We are fully certified and ready to go on this new and amazing technology.

The best part is that we are able to get your home backed up with reliable electricity for $0 down. That’s something worth talking about. It’s time to say “bye bye” to that annoying electric bill!

Message or call us right away to learn more.

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