Live Local. Love Local. Shop Local.

When you shop local, you’re not helping some C.E.O. buy a third vacation home; you’ll be helping a little boy get his team jersey, a little girl to get dance lessons, a mom and dad to put food on the table, and nurturing locally owned businesses that use local resources, employ local workers, and serve local customers.

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Go Solar With Virtual Appointments!

As we continue to do our part to fight COVID-19, we are introducing virtual solar appointments. This will allow you to get a solar quote without having our solar experts step foot on your property.​

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Get paid for referrals!

We know that us growing as a company isn’t your main concern, but we need to grow to stay in business. Referrals are one of the main driving forces of our company’s growth, and we have tons of customers getting paid from it each month! 

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