How are My Solar Panels Installed?

You just finished your solar consultation and you’ve decided to go solar with your Spark Solar Consultant– Congratulations!! Now What? Or maybe you’re just ahead of the game and want to know what the installation process is like once you finally do decide to add solar to your home.

Both are great and we’re happy to let you know what the process takes for us to get you installed after making this exciting decision.

Of course, before we can schedule an install date for us to come out and add the panels to the roof of your home, there are a few key operations that must be completed (and lucky for you, Spark handles the entirety of these processes so you can rest worry free).

1) Site Survey

During the site survey, a spark solar consultant will take care of documenting measurements around where your solar system will be installed along with your current electrical system as it is tied to the electrical grid. This allows for proper documentation for our engineering team to be able to design a solar system that will be customized to the dimensions of your home.

2) Design and Engineering

As stated during the site survey, this process is where our engineering team will design the customized layout for your solar system before it is installed. Adding a solar system is a construction project, and like any construction project, it must be professionally engineered and design exactly to industry standards of your home as well as local regulations. Every project is different and requires unique attention to detail to be able to satisfy our customer’s goals.

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3) Permitting and HOA

Now that your solar system has been engineered and design to fit industry standards, it’s time for it all to be approved by the powers that be within your community. Many times this just means getting construction and electrical permitting to add the system to your home. If you live within an HOA you may need approval in order to add solar to your home. Luckily, if you live in Texas, an HOA CANNOT stop you from adding solar to your home. But it’s usually best to get their approval anyway (which we’ll take care of for you).

4) Interconnection

At this point, your solar project has been approved for installation and your personal Spark Solar representative has scheduled an install date that works best for you and your family. Once we have installed the panels onto your roof (or ground if you have a ground mount) the system must be interconnected to the electrical grid via your electrical provider. This process usually happens the day of install but in some cases interconnection is done the following day or two. Now your home is a self sustaining/environmentally saving structure.

Luckily for you, Spark handles all of this process for you so you can rest assured your solar system will be installed professionally. We pride ourselves with providing little to no effort on the part of our customers when making this installation possible.


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