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The Significance Of Shopping Local

When you shop local, you’re not helping some C.E.O. buy a third vacation home; you’ll be  helping a little boy get his team jersey, a little girl to get dance lessons, a mom and dad to put food on the table, and nurturing locally owned businesses that use local resources, employ local workers, and serve local customers. “Improving the local economy” tends to be the idea that comes to mind when discussing shopping locally, but there are plenty of other great reasons to make it a conscious consideration.. 

Support Your Community

 When you shop local, you’re making a personal investment in your neighborhood and community.  In fact, for every dollar, about 45% returns to local activity! Purchasing local also helps to grow other businesses, since local businesses often support and buy from other local businesses. Whether you realize it or not, when you shop locally, you’re helping stimulate the local economy and in turn, helping to shape your community’s personality! The character of your community is in large defined by the businesses that reside there, and that plays a big role in not only the value of your home and property, but your satisfaction with where you live.

Unique & Exclusive Personal Touch

Since the employees are more likely to be personally invested in their products, they’re also more likely to go the extra mile for customers. Less crowds and a more personalized shopping experience provides more opportunities for customer service, and since these are people that you see around town day after day, they’re less likely to blow you off or give bad service. Small businesses usually employ people with a specific expertise for better service, and often use processes, techniques, or ingredients that aren’t “cost-effective” for mass production, so you’re most likely getting something exclusive and unique!

Environmental Impact

Small businesses operate locally, making it easier to bring products and services to their communities because their customers are closer. Local businesses often set up shop in town/village shopping centers, making it easier to walk or bike to shop in multiple stores. When local businesses purchase locally, it requires less transportation for goods, reducing costs, contributing to less sprawl, automobile use, congestion, and pollution.

You’re Going To Feel Good

Would you rather go buy the usual, so-so coffee at Starbucks and a lifeless burger from McDonald’s, or be entirely satisfied with your latte that was made with love from Dwell’s Coffee Shop, and a mouth-watering hamburger from Myrtle’s Burgers? Every time you shop local, you’re supporting the dream of a real person, & that person does a little happy dance! Entrepreneurship and creativity are what the American economy is founded upon. Nurturing local businesses ensures a strong community.

Needless to say, shopping local doesn’t just mean buying from your local farmer’s market. Something as simple as changing where you get your tire changed, or your hair cut can be a great first step to supporting your community’s economy and making a positive change. The more products and services that you buy local, the greater your impact. Ready to get started? You can start with a little online research; your local chamber of commerce likely have a directory of directory of local businesses in your area!

Spark Solar in your community

Our team here at Spark is made up of people that live and work your local communities! While we have offices in Corpus Christi, Burleson, and West Texas, our solar experts reside in rural and urban areas across Texas. As members of local chamber of commerce, we thrive to support and invest in our communities, and to bring the best solar products and services to our neighbors!

Why Should You Shop Local For Solar?

There are several reasons that it makes sense to choose a local solar company, as opposed to a national installer. Licensed installers in your area are typically more concerned with customer satisfaction, use higher-quality equipment, and often have better prices. 

Saving Money

While quality of products and workmanship are always prioritized, it’s also true that homeowners usually have their attention on the price tag. Luckily, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, local solar installer’s pricing is 10% lower on average than national solar installers!

Dedicated Full-Time Employees

When you work with local contractors, the crew who installs the systems are full-time employees who report directly to their boss- the owner. This creates a high level of accountability than with crews who have a less vested interest to give their best effort to every project.

Overall Satisfaction

As mentioned previously, local installers care more about their customer’s satisfaction, reputation, and your ratings. In fact, studies show that local solar installers consistently get better ratings than the nation’s largest and most recognized companies. National installers are known for cheaper products and lower in-house pricing to maximize their profits, while local companies use higher quality products because they feel personally responsible for the systems they install. 


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