March 2019 Solar Consultant Of The Month – Bradley Stehno

We want give a big shoutout to Bradley Stehno as our employee of the month for March. Brad is an example of a determined mind and truly cares for the well-being of his customers. We’re glad to have you on our team Brad! 💛

If you have worked with Brad then you know that he is very attentive, ready to work with you and respond promptly to all questions. It is extremely important to our company and team members that we have solar consultants that are completely devoted to self and company growth. Brad has taken the time to dig deep into industry knowledge, constantly researching, and bringing value to the table. Not only is Brad’s professionalism rubbing off on our team, but he is gleaning from his co workers skill-sets as well and applying them to his daily work.

Mr. Stehno brought the most gross volume of sales into the company in March. It is extremely important that our solar advisors are effectively helping people sign up for solar. Brad helping homeowners go solar is not just about him making more money – it is about company growth! As we grow our customer service will strengthen, our administration will strengthen, and our overall forward facing customer experience will strengthen.

Thank you Brad and congrats on winning Solar Consultant of the Month! We love you man!

Seth Wells CEO & Paden Wright COO