Solar D&Rs = Mo’ Money Mo’ Jobs!

Roofers, what if I told you you could be making an average of an additional $2,430 more on roofing jobs that have solar panels?

In the past couple of months I have ran into multiple business owners and sales professionals that say things like, “money doesn’t motivate me,” or “I don’t do what I do for money.” I respect that. We all have a love-hate relationship with money. We also all have our “why” that motivates us to sell, grow, and try to be the best that we can be. My “why” is my family. Experiences and memories with them, to have more than quality time, to be available to them ALL of the time, and to be the father and husband that my dad wasn’t. When you think about your “why,” you are reminded you can’t get there without the money (unless your “why” includes living alone in seclusion and being a full time hunter and gatherer)!

You are in a high ticket sales industry, there’s no disputing that. Roofing is your means to hit your WHY.

Solar detach and resets (aka solar D&R or solar R&R) in residential roofing is money that is being left on the table begging to be picked up and contribute to your “why.” It’s quite a bit of money that you do minimal work for.

If only you knew how many roof salespeople have told me that they skip houses with solar on them because they don’t want to deal with solar, OR they tell the homeowner to contact their installer/find a company to do the D&R.

We ran reports on the solar D&Rs that we tackled in 2021. There was an average of 30 solar panels per roof. We see very little claim paperwork. Based on our data from personal experience with clients, insurance paid an average of $271 per panel. That’s an average of $8,130 gross total amount added to the roof claim. With these numbers there is an approximate $2,430 of additional profits going to the roofing company. The work exerted by the roofing company to us is simple as these 6 steps:

More times than not, we knock out solar D&Rs without talking on the phone to our clients. We work hard to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Let’s cover some common objections that we hear about solar D&R, and what our resolutions are to these objections:

  • “I don’t want to void the solar warranties.”
    • 1. Most solar labor warranties are already expired.
    • 2. Often times the HO or roofer cannot get ahold of the original solar installer.
    • 3. If they can get ahold of them, they OVER charge or you can’t get a removal date.
  • “It’s too much of a headache/I just don’t want to deal with it.”
    • When you subcontract Spark Solar we don’t bug you for anything. We complete the job with minimal contact. We’re a turn-key operation.
  • “I don’t want the liability.”
    • Spark is here for the long haul. We’re offering a longer workmanship warranty for solar D&Rs than most companies. Two of our 4 core values are Integrity and Follow Through. We don’t want the phone to ring unless it’s more business, not service issues.
  • “We specialize in roofing only.”
    • Good idea! Keep roofing and pass the buck to us and we take over the solar D&R. That’s the sole point of hiring a quality sub contractor!
  • “We have had a bad experience with solar.”
    • Humbly, I tell you… And it won’t be the last bad experience you’ll have. If you only use ONE company, Spark Solar, then the number of issues that may arise will be minimized. 
  • “Tesla does D&Rs for their own systems.”
    • Elon already knows, we’re here to take over. JK. Hire them. Maybe they’ll make it out in 6 months or so.
  • “Solar people always want to get info about my claim.”
    • We don’t do this. Greedy subs are annoying. We have price sheets that we use. If insurance pays you good, that’s all you. We don’t want to see your papers.
  • “Solar people always want to partner and share leads.”
    • Been there, done that. Guess what, we’re doing something else now. We are JUST a sub for solar D&Rs. 

We would be honored to work with you on your next solar gig. Hire us, you’ll make more easy money. Save this page and fill out the form at the bottom of the web page for a quote. If you’d like to connect, give us a call or send an email.

Seth Wells

Owner – Spark Solar

Website: sparksolar.us/detach-reset

Office: 817-391-8110

Email: [email protected]