Residential Solar

Avoid rising costs in energy prices!

Wanna see your meter run backward?

Why go solar for my home?

Instead of buying your energy from the power grid, why not make it yourself, out of sunshine? Solar arrays on your roof (Or barn. Or workshop. Or pergola. Or detached garage. Or man cave. Or on pretty much any stable, freestanding structure on your property.) can easily meet the energy demands for any house in our part of the world.

Everyone needs energy, and solar is at least as good as the stuff you buy from the grid. Your utility most likely offers a solar buyback program, so when your panels are really pumping out the electrons, you get paid for extra energy you push back to the rest of the world.


Not to mention we often times have incentives that pay for up to 80% of the system cost. Now, that’s cool.



Wanna see your electric meter spin backward?

A few other sweet bonuses for going solar with Spark!

Federal tax credit saves you 26%

2021 has a top value Solar Investment Tax Credit. You willl get 26% of the cost of your system back on your next tax return. Thanks Uncle Sam! Not to mention the other tax incentives we will tell you about.


Spark’s Tax Team has some solar ninja tax incentives up their sleeves. These additional incentives can cover well over 50% of your system.

Simple, low-interest financing is available

Did we mention that we have zero-down loans and it  takes less than 5 minutes to get qualified? That’s right. You can enjoy the savings – and the clean, natural energy – without having to sell your soul to get it. Our loans are top tier, easy to apply, and we make it very smooth.


These loans were created with you, the homeowner, in mind.

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Affordable for ANY Homeowner!

We’re here to help. No matter what your situation, we have options for you to get the funding you need to convert to solar energy. With everything from cash-out refinances to a homeloan with Fannie Mae’s HomeStyle® Energy mortgage, we can get you what you need to go solar with Spark!



It doesn’t matter if you make $40k or $400k, we may be able to build you the perfect solar system. 



Remember… all homes and roofs qualify.

Quick and easy installs

Residential PV systems generally install in a single day–sometimes a little longer if they’re particularly complex. This smooth, seamless solar install rides in on the back of our amazing project managers, our expert engineers, and of course… the amazing installers, that’s right… we have it all covered. Our service is turnkey; you sign a few documents here and there, and we handle your engineering, permit, your homeowners association, your utility, and of course all the labor and materials. Just sit back and enjoy the communication and accountability that is so crucial to the Spark Solar brand!

Spark installs of ground mounts, roofs, patios, carports, you name it… we can do it.


Texas is home to us and it’s where our roots are. And so we do our best to serve you, the resident of this great state, to best of our ability. 

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