Stars Behind Solar

We love talking about celebrities, but today we are talking more specifically about one star & the much-deserved attention that it’s getting from some celebrities that we love- The Sun. While it may not be as easy on the eyes as some of its supporters, we wouldn’t live a day without the sun’s light & warmth!  Plenty of celebrities, realizing the economic  and environmental benefits of solar energy, are jumping on board the solar train by creating & supporting solar programs, and installing solar systems on their own homes.

Solar Neighbors

To kick off our list, let’s start with Edward Norton & his solar neighbors! Norton created a groundbreaking program to bring clean energy to low-income families across Los Angeles; through the Solar Neighbors program, each time a celebrity or public figure purchases a home solar system, BP will donate a system to a low-income family, eliminating most or all of their electricity costs for as long as they own their home!!  Over 25 actors, musicians, politicians and broadcasters have purchased systems for their homes, including Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Danny DeVito, Darly Hannah, & Ed Begley Jr.

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

In 1998, Leo established his foundation which implements solutions that help restore balance to threatened ecosystems. Since then, LDF has worked on some of the most pressing environmental issues of our day, including RE-volv, which helps nonprofits across the country immediately save money on their electricity bills by going solar. Currently, nonprofits cannot receive solar tax credits, have a hard time demonstrating credit worthiness, and their project size tends to be small (>30 kW), which deters traditional solar financiers.  Saving money means they can better serve their communities, while the remaining energy savings are reinvested into future solar projects!

In another recent solar venture, DiCaprio joined Kingo to bring solar power to remote areas, like the Guatemalan Mountains. Off-the-grid customers walk to a local store and pay to have their solar electricity activated when they need it, similar to how a prepaid cell phone works. 

“Solar power is key to a future without fossil fuels, and Kingo’s technology will help enable broad use of clean energy across the developing world,” DiCaprio said.

AS IF we couldn’t get enough of his environmental activism, Leo even went as far as to shoot the entirety of the film, “inception,” using the world’s largest mobile solar power system! Approximately 15 meters long and 3.5 meters wide, it incorporates 3 24,000W Xantrex inverter banks, 3 2,550 deep cycle battery banks and is equipped with 7,200 watts of solar panels!


Known as one of the most ‘socially conscious rock groups,’ Greenday partnered with the National Resource Defense Council in 2006 to raise awareness about dependency on oil, and started greendaynrdc.com to launch their campaign, Move America Beyond Oil. The project is designed to mobilize and empower music fans to demand clean and renewable energy solutions. Fans can get environmental tips, donate, and send messages to political leaders.

The Green Music Group

Maroon 5 takes a number of steps to green its tours, including running buses with biodiesel fuel. The Green Music movement seeks to harness the cultural power of music and musicians to lead the way to a greener future. Adam Levine is the lead singer of the Grammy award-winning international band, Maroon 5. As a long-time supporter of REVERB, Adam has worked with us to make Maroon 5 tours green and engage millions of his fans at concerts and online since 2005. Also a Founder of REVERB’s Green Music Group, Adam has been vocal in rallying his musician peers to take action for the environment stating, “It should be industry standard to work with REVERB.”

You don't need to be a star to support the solar movement.

Go Green & Save Green

Every solar project is different. Your roof, your objectives, and the way you use energy mean that we do best by custom-designing a system specifically for you. This involves production estimates, engineering documents, and a lot of due diligence like permitting and loan applications. Our Spark Solar experts can help you make the switch today!

Other Opportunities

If you don’t qualify for solar, DON’T WORRY! There are plenty of ways you can help make the world green again! Take a look at this website, where you can find opportunities in Texas to volunteer, and stay up to date on clean energy news in Texas.