COVID-19 Stimulus Relief Bill & Tax Credit Extension

COVID-19 Relief Bill

On Monday, congressional leaders reached a bipartisan deal in form of a $1.4 trillion spending package which includes several provisions to boost investment in clean energy, including an extension on renewable energy tax credits to incentivize the building of new solar and wind plants, tax credits for carbon capture, biofuels and other alternative fuel cells […]

Crowley TX Install pictures!

Want to see what a professional solar system would look like on your home? Check out these recent drone photos from one of our recent installs in Crowley TX! Interested in making the green switch and start saving money on electricity? Fill out our quick form and get started today!

Why I went solar

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest so conservation and “going green” has always been a part of my life. After traveling the world with the Navy, I have seen what kind of impact we as a society are making on our planet. From oil spills in Alaska to the floating plastic island in the […]