Check Out These Kiddos Riding the Bull- Cowboys Youth Bull Riding Assoc.

We had the fantastic opportunity to power the filming from the recent rodeo from the Cowboys Youth Bull Riding Assoc. These kids were absolutely amazing to watch and record as they had the guts to ride the calves in front of their friends and families. We recommend y’all check out the Cowboys Youth Bull Riding […]

Why I went solar

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest so conservation and “going green” has always been a part of my life. After traveling the world with the Navy, I have seen what kind of impact we as a society are making on our planet. From oil spills in Alaska to the floating plastic island in the […]

Backup Batteries? Sure, We’ve Got Sonnen!

It’s time to start offering our customers the #1 battery on the market! The Sonnen is an amazing product, and we are SO excited that we have officially launched into the off-grid and battery market. We thought long and hard about what battery backup we wanted to bring on board at Spark. The Tesla Powerwall […]