Texas Solar News- a Sunny Outlook on the Future

Texas is known for three things, guns, brisket, and oil, but Texas is starting to be known for something a little greener. Solar Energy.

The Solar Energy Industry Association ranked Texas as the second for solar in the National Ranking. The great state of Texas is on the rise in the solar field over the past years. By 2020 more than 900k homes had already converted to using solar energy, not including commercial solar use. Even with the new advancements, solar only accounts for 2% of all energy created but, we have seen an increase of 60% in solar, creating more energy for more people.

In Andrew County, a solar farm was installed that creates 100 megawatts of solar energy. To put that in perspective, 1 megawatt can power 400-900 homes for a year. 

Studies have shown that more and more corporations have been investing heavily in solar energy. A huge investor in renewable energy is Walmart. Walmart has vowed to be 100% powered by renewable energy by 2023.

Texas is sunny 230 days of the year, which is a huge amount of unused potential. All homeowners have a roof and all homeowners pay energy bills. Solar is a great way for homeowners to cut back on expenses and keep money in their pocket. As prices go up, solar brings it back down. Plus, homes that have installed solar, sell for more and sell faster than similar homes running only on the grid.

Texans do not know how to deal with the cold and neither does the power grid. During the 2021 snowstorm, hundreds of homes went without power leaving Texans cold and in the dark. With everyone turning up their heaters the grid became overworked and could not keep up with the demand. This doesn’t only apply to the cold season, but also in the heat. Thousands of Texans run their air conditioners all day long, drawing energy from the grid. This is why the interest in solar has increased so much in the past few years.