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Texas Solar News Updates

Texas is on its way to overtaking California in the world of renewable energy and solar is playing a huge part in that. By the end of 2022, Texas vows to add another 10 GW of solar capacity. By utilizing tax credits, utility-scale solar is heading strong.

As Texas continues to grow in solar, Rosendin Renewable Energy Group and Tokyo Gas America have started working on a large-scale solar farm in the State of Texas. Over 1 million solar modules will be installed outside of the city of Houston.

There is a reason Texas is flying through the ranks of solar energy. With 234 days of sun, even more so in west Texas, there are more than enough sunny days to utilize solar energy. That, along with more cost-effective and longer-lasting technology, makes solar energy much more enticing for federal and commercial solar growth.

Last week ERCOT released an update on how they plan on regulating the Texas Energy Grid. “ERCOT’s Roadmap puts a clear focus on protecting customers while also ensuring that Texas maintains free-market incentives to bring new generation to the state,” Some of these things include, “Adding new requirements for generation owners. ERCOT is proposing a new market rule that requires generators to provide operational updates more frequently.” Other actions being enforced are “Performing unannounced testing of generation resources. This testing helps verify that generators have provided accurate information about their availability.” All property owners in Texas know that the energy grid needs work, especially after the winter freeze knocked out power to thousands of homes and businesses. We are glad to see actions being taken, but we are also waiting to see if it will be enough for the next blackout.