Ultra Happy Customers in Cleburne, Tx

Tom and Daria Tucker are a retired married couple that have been together over the past 50 years; they moved to Texas two years ago, after spending their entire lives growing up in California. They now spend their time enjoying the company of one another and family whom live right down the street from their home in Cleburne, Tx.

Mr. and Mrs. Tucker have spent their lives traveling different places of the world and after talking with them it is obvious they have had some remarkable experiences! Tom is a Vietnam War veteran and has owned and managed his own radiology equipment company for over 36 years. He is a smart fella. Daria was an elementary teacher for over 20 years, specializing in teaching English as a Second Language. I’m sure that if it weren’t for family being in Cleburne they would still be working and traveling. Recently, they decided to make their dream of going solar a reality.

Mrs. Daria showing off her solar production on the Enphase Enlighten app.

When asked why they decided to go solar, they were happy to describe their experience. Once being well informaed and looking at the different options, it became clear that going solar made sense for them. “What he presented made sense. The first package Rusty presented I said ‘no way’. He came up with solutions quickly, which was great,” said Daria. When I asked about how the financial aspect affected their decision they said, “the finances didn’t have anything to do with it… the idea of solar appealed to us. There was no initial cost (which is what we were after). Now that Texas has an income tax credit, and there is a buy-back program, we are happy.”

Spark Solar installed two different types of solar panels to ensure a perfect fit on the roofs and to maximize the production of energy.

We’re proud to say that the solar system we installed offsets 108% of their average monthly electric bill. The Tucker’s new monthly solar payment came out a tad less than what they were paying for electricity before. Now, that’s good news!!!

Although for Tom and Daria the process was simple and a no brainer, their particular project did have its own set of roadblocks that needed we had to overcome. Originally they wanted to put a set of solar panels on their side garage, as well as their backyard pergola. The set of solar panels on the side garage worked flawlessly, but when assessing the pergola our engineer did not approve construction because of the integrity of the structure. It wasn’t durable enough! To solve this issue we had to rebuild a new cedar pergola for Mr. and Mrs. Tucker with brand new materials fit to hold the panels. We went ahead and installed an outdoor ceiling fan too!


The man who guided and helped Tom and Daria through the solar process is our very own Rusty Rauscher. Rusty is one of the most knowledgeable and personable members of our team (he better be one of best, he our VP of Sales!). When a problem arises, like with his project with Tom and Daria, Rusty is always quick to act and come up with a solution that benefits his clients. Needless to say, Rusty was certainly the man needed to get a project like this one done.

If you’re interested in going solar with a company you trust, with consultants who care about providing the best experience for their customers, then don’t wait to get in contact with us to set up a complimentary solar consultation with one of highly trained and knowledgeable reps!

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