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5 Incredible Benefits of Commercial Solar

How can solar help a commercial building?

As a commercial property owner, you are looking for as much return on investment as possible. And solar is a fantastic way to achieve that in an area where few competitors are doing so. 

A capital investment with short and long-term benefits

Solar for commercial and industrial properties is a solid investment. In addition to huge operational efficiencies thanks to generating clean energy on site, solar improvements strengthen property values long-term. Larger systems enjoy significant economies of scale, making the price of installation much lower than residential systems. On top of that, numerous tax benefits – from accelerated depreciation to straight-up tax credits – make commercial installations remarkably low-cost solar investments.

Commercial solar also helps owners qualify for green credentials, and satisfies social responsibility guidelines. Get with a Spark Solar rep to get a commercial solar quote now.

Federal tax credit saves you 26%

2021 is a great year to go solar. As rates climb, you can lock in your energy rate with a predictable electric bill. If you install by December 31, 2021, you’ll get 26% of the cost of your system back on your next tax return. This is a dollar for dollar tax credit.

Solar investments depreciate in one year

Clean energy investments qualify for accelerated MACRS depreciation, so you can recuperate a substantial portion of the improvement in the first year. This write-off is in addition to the 26% federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, which could put it at half-off the sticker price.

Flexible options for your property

Roof composition and rooftop space can vary from one commercial building to the next. We’re competent at a wide range of applications install methods, including:

  • Ballast mount for flat roofs and TPO
  • Solar carport canopies
  • Large scale ground mount
  • Metal roof mount

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