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Detach & Reset Service

Premium D&R Service Includes

  • #Professional and polite crew
  • #Check solar monitoring before removal
  • #Assess all hardware for reusability
  • #Seal all holes and double check to ensure there is no chance for leaks
  • #Strap down and secure panels once they are removed so they don’t blow away
  • #Wrap up and store all wiring and inverter/optimizers to keep pets or critters out
  • #Clean the panels with the proper chemicals before reinstall
  • #Extremely careful on new shingles
  • #Complete a Job Check Out / Quality Control
Commercial Service

Commercial solar services we offer

Your new solar power system doesn’t need to end with solar panels. Other commercial solar services we offer:

  • #Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
  • #Electric Vehicle Charging stations (EVCs)
  • #Additional structions to support solar
  • #Roofing using our partner network
  • #Gas and Diesel Generators

Your Go-To Company For System Removal & Reinstallation

Spark Solar has been specializing in solar removals and reinstall since 2017. Our DFW solar company understands the importance of hiring a great subcontractor for your roof project. Our goal is to make your roofing process easier and more profitable so you can complete more jobs!

Prompt • Efficient • Precise

Providing Solutions In Texas

When we saw that Texas was in need of some serious solar solutions, we knew it was our mission to bring it! And so, through personal convictions, a spirit of excellence, and self-discipline, we dedicate our company to bringing you the very best solar solutions. Our commitment to helping business owners take advantage of solar, has driven us to be the company that every roofing company and property owner needs — a company that is plugged in and can streamline processes.

And so, through personal conviction, extreme commitment to helping business owners take advantage of solar, and the desire to be a team that makes going solar an easy process, we dedicate our company to bringing you the very best in solar solutions.

Our Solutions
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How We Work

The Spark Solar Process



Project Begins

As soon as we have a contract to build your solar, you’ll get a welcome call from our project team. They’ll introduce themselves as your primary point of contact, and go over the specifics of your system.



Site Survey

Within just a couple days of kicking off your project, a technical expert from our install team will come to your place to complete the plan. They’ll take precise measurements of your roof, assess the underlying structure.



Design & Engineering

After we’ve made sure we understand the conditions on the ground (or roof!), we start designing your system to the utmost precision. We make sure the panels you’re anticipating will fit on your roof.



Permitting & Approvals

Before we install, we make sure we’ve done all the due diligence to keep you compliant as a property owner. Depending on where you live, we’ll submit your plans to your municipality’s building authority.




The big day comes when the plan is perfected and all the boxes have been checked. We’ll show up–typically early in the morning–with a sizeable crew equipped with hand tools, ladders, and safety equipment.



Inspection & Commissioning

After the system is installed, the authorities come out to verify our work. In some instances, we’ll be asked to make a correction or adjustment; every permitting district–not to mention every inspector–is different.


The Awesome Benefits of Solar Power

What’s the big deal with solar anyway?

Well let us tell you how it can impact your life now and in the future!

  • #You can massively lower your energy bill
  • #Save up to 75% of your energy spend
  • #Own your own power
  • #Long lasting clean power
  • #Federal tax incentives up to 75%
  • #100% carbon neutral
  • #Non-profits get 30% back
  • #Avoid rising energy costs
  • #Support local business
  • #Solar cost less than grid energy
  • #Affordable long term solution
Customer reviews

What People Say


A week ago Kyle and his team came and removed my solar panels so I could get my new roof. Today they returned and put the panels back. They attended to what they needed to do all the while in very cold temperatures. Below freezing the entire time. I would happily have Kyle Young and his team back. Great job and many thanks.

Karen Nichols January 2024

My experience with Spark solar was smooth and easy. They were prompt, detailed and clean. These guys do what they say they are going to do. Everything you could ask for. Special thanks to Kyle and Seth Wells for making me work a lot less by handing over the reigns!

Nathan Gregory January 2024

Wonderful customer service and attention to detail. Kyle is who I interacted with during the project, and he made everything simple and smooth. I had to get my panels removed for a roof replacement after a hail storm, my contractor couldn't do the project and instead contracted with Spark Solar. The roof replacement has been a mess, so I was worried the same would occur with the panels. Instead Kyle walked me through what to expect in the process, answered every inquiry I had (I had many), clarified the difference in replacement panels due to advance in tech, ensured everything on the roof was handled properly (as well as clean up), and he did all this inspite of the roofing company causing an issue with parts along the way. I will definitely be calling Spark Solar for my solar needs in the future!

Brandy Heiman December 2023

Spark Solar handled the Detach and Re-Install of my solar panels after a hail storm damaged my shingle roof. They also replaced 2 solar panels damaged in the same storm. All communication with Spark Solar and the install team were very professional. The team who performed the work arrived on time. It is clear the team has a vast experience of working with all different panels and solar equipment. The re-attach was completed with profession results. I would absolutely call on them again when or if mother nature strikes again.

James Hadley December 2023

I'm writing this to thank the whole Spark Solar crew again! Seth, Jaci, Philip, Kyle, Alex, David, Taylor, and Tylar all had a hand in helping me get my project done. Highly recommend them!

Sin Nombre December 2023

Kyle Young and his team were knowledgeable and efficient. They provided accurate timelines and were able to quickly remove and reinstall my panels on both sides of roof work I needed.

Jeremy Tekell December 2023

Kyle, Taylor, and David were great when reattaching my solar panels after our roof was repaired. They were quick and cleaned up well. Highly recommend!

Chad Salyer December 2023

AWESOME service again Spark Solar has done another great job. We had hail damage to a panel. It was replaced immediately. I Love Spark Solar. Awesome company and employees.

Vicki Reed December 2023

We purchased our system in October and had it installed in February. We purchased our system from Wells Solar. We needed to have extensive repairs done on our roof and our panels needed to be removed for this process to begin. One of our panels was also damaged from this storm and needed to be replaced. Unfortunately Wells Solar & Electric LLC literally ghosted its customers overnight. This after paying them $4000.00 to begin removing panels. We called Spark Solar to remove and reset the panels after work on the roof was completed. They did so. They were prompt and professional. I especially appreciate Kyle Young for informing us what had been done and explaining how the reset had improved our production. Thank you Kyle and Spark Solar. We very much appreciate the integrity and pride you put into your work.

Deena Walker November 2023

Our company was contracted from Spark Solar for a plumbing project. It was a pleasure to work with the company. The team had great communication and were good to work with.

Sparkling City Plumbing August 2023

"They Were Fast, Friendly And Very Professional While Installing My Solar Panels, Very Hard Working Crew."

Clemente Lara – Homeowner, July 2020

Wow. I wish I had done this sooner. Paden Wright was amazing. He walked us through each step and if we had questions, he was quick to answer.

Kristy – Homeowner, October 2020

“Great customer service, Rusty was very knowledgeable. Love the product and pricing. I wouldn't buy from anywhere else. Will definitely recommend to family and friends.”

Krista Bashor – Homeowner, November 2020

“We saw the advertisement on FB and responded to it. A couple days later Seth Wells came out and explained it to us. Everything looked good financially so we decided to go.”

Russell Kesterson – Homeowner, December 2020
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