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10 Awesome Benefits of Solar Power

What’s the big deal with solar anyway?

Well, let us tell you how it can impact your life now and in the future!

  • You can get a negative (yes, negative) electric bill.
  • Save 50-100% off on your electric bill.
  • You own your power.
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Federal tax credit up to 26%
  • Avoid rising costs in energy prices
  • It’s generated locally.
  • Solar costs less than grid energy
  • Affordable for every home-owner
  • 100% carbon neutral

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Save on energy costs and control your own power from here on out. And with all the crazy going on in the world today, now is the perfect time to consider making the change to solar and becoming more self-sufficient!


Looking of a great short and long term investment that will pay you dividends in the future? How about finding some tax credits somewhere to help with Uncle Sam? Look no further than solar!

Commercial solar energy installation
Texas solar energy battery

Off-Grid & RV

Looking to become as self-sufficient as possible? Then solar is definitely the right way for you to go! With a combination of solar panels, batteries and some really cool technology, you can enjoy 24/7 power no matter where you end up.
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Live Local. Love Local. Shop Local.

When you shop local, you’re not helping some C.E.O. buy a third vacation home; you’ll be helping a little boy get his team jersey, a little girl to get dance lessons, a mom and dad to put food on the table, and nurturing locally owned businesses that use local resources, employ local workers, and serve local customers.

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