About Spark Solar

Providing full service solutions in Texas

We Know Solar

Solar panels catch photons from the sun and use their energy to push electrons to lights and outlets in your home. They have no moving parts and are virtually maintenance free. They tie in easily to your home’s electrical system, and produce huge amounts of electricity for decades.

We take our jobs very seriously

Solar is a big investment for you, and a large and complex process for us. We don’t take it lightly. We at Spark Solar set clear expectations from the beginning, and do our darnedest to stick to what we say we’re going to do. Our objective is to keep you in the know about your project, and make ourselves readily available to answer your questions and keep things running smoothly until you’re making your own clean energy at home.

Spark Gives Back

With every install, with every water well, and with every removal and reinstall, Spark Solar donates to the Texas Parks & Wildlife and to GivePower. We love the great state of Texas and its beauty and we want to do our part to preserve it. GivePower does incredible work by creating solar water farms for people and communities who do not have access to clean water. So not only are you cutting down your emissions, but you are also giving back to amazing causes when you go solar with Spark Solar.

We’ve come a long way since starting this thing

Seth, our CEO started his career in solar back when it was just becoming a viable industry. He had been in sales since graduating high school, but he could not shake the feeling that there is a better product and service that Texas needed. After watching a documentary on solar in 2015, he knew that solar was the next big move. Panel prices had come down, and grid prices had gone up enough to take solar from a niche luxury to an actual investment that would benefit just about every homeowner. Seth was working for “The Man” at the time but had his eyes on a brighter future.


A small team put their heads together to brainstorm on what was missing in the customer experience, and what could be done to bring more solar to Texas, which at the time had barely dipped its toe into residential photovoltaics. Seth brought his customer service background, and other members had managerial, military, customer service, in-home services, quality control, and project management experience. They quit their jobs and started the grind, building relationships and getting the SPARK SOLAR name out there! They made an effort to learn everything they could about the business, and invested all their gains into improving the way they do things.

By early 2018, Spark Solar was firing on all cylinders. Spark’s first few months were pure marketing and selling appointments to other solar companies in the industry. Quickly after, a sales team was born and the rest was history. Just over a year later, we had expanded to every corner of Texas, and we’re now making inroads to other states. The work is still hard and life is still busy, but the company is getting better all the time. Nobody here is taking it easy. We’re in it for the long haul, building a company that will last. We’re on a mission to bring solar to every roof in Texas, including yours.

The Spark Solar Management Team

Seth Wells

CEO & Sales

Curt Vanderford

Senior Project Managment

Philip King

Field Operations Manager

Our team is dedicated to providing solutions in the commercial and residential solar space