Commercial Solar


5 Incredible Benefits of Commercial Solar

How can solar help a commercial building?

As a commercial property owner, you are looking for as much return on investment as possible. And solar is a fantastic way to achieve that in an area where few competitors are doing so. 

A capital investment with short and long-term benefits

Solar for commercial and industrial properties is a solid investment. In addition to huge operational efficiencies thanks to generating clean energy on site, solar improvements strengthen property values long-term. Larger systems enjoy significant economies of scale, making the price of installation much lower than residential systems. On top of that, numerous tax benefits – from accelerated depreciation to straight-up tax credits – make commercial installations remarkably low-cost solar investments.

Commercial solar also helps owners qualify for green credentials, and satisfies social responsibility guidelines. Get with a Spark Solar rep to get a commercial solar quote now.

Federal tax credit saves you

2019 is the last year for the top value of the Solar Investment Tax Credit. If you install by December 31, 2019, you’ll get 30% of the cost of your system back on your next tax return.

Solar investments depreciate in one year

Clean energy investments qualify for accelerated MACRS depreciation, so you can recuperate a substantial portion of the improvement in the first year. This write-off is in addition to the 26% federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, which could put it at half-off the sticker price.

Flexible options for your property

Roof composition and rooftop space can vary from one commercial building to the next. We’re competent at a wide range of applications install methods, including:

  • Ballast mount for flat roofs and TPO
  • Solar carport canopies
  • Large scale ground mount
  • Metal roof mount

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