Spark Solar April Giveaway

Spark Solar is here and we’re feeling a little generous this month.

Not only do we already provide the best in financing and service, we are now offering a free generator with all solar installations throughout the month of April.


There are great reasons to keep a generator on hand, even if you have solar power. 

  1. Built to last – With steel parts and durable casing, the Generac is a sturdy machine ready to be put to use.

  2. Off-Grid Capabilities – we have all been in a blackout at some point in our lives and it makes life infinitely more difficult. Generators are a great way to keep the lights on and the energy flowing if you use all your solar battery banked energy.

  3. Gas Powered, Affordable – unlike some of the older generators, the Generac generators are very fuel-efficient and that can of gas can go a long way.

  4. Versatile – generators are not limited to the appliances in your home. Power tools, powering the lights on your boat, or keep the lights on in the RV without draining the car battery. A mobile generator can be used for so many things, even camping.

  5. Eco-Friendly – Because we are using very energy-efficient generator models, no limited emissions are being released into the air. Solar power of course creates no emissions and produces clean renewable energy, and this emergency backup is quite efficient as well.

For every installation we service, each customer will receive a very high end, user friendly generator for home or other uses. We make saving money with solar easy here at Spark Solar and we intend to keep it that way. With industry professionals and master craftsmen, you can go solar without a worry.