Spark Solar Going Federal

Spark Solar is taking a big step forward in the world of solar energy. We are now working on federal contracts in order to provide more solar to more people, but the train does not stop with solar. We also offer a wide range of energy-efficient renovations from electric car charging stations to LED lighting procurement and installation.

More and more evidence shows that the world is turning to more sustainable and renewable energy. Many federal and state government buildings are woefully falling behind and are outdated compared to what could be possible. Even things like switching to LED lighting can save a business or property money on energy costs.

Spark Solar Capability Statement
“Organizations such as YMCA, TPWD, & Schlotzsky’s trust us for their solar needs because from “hello” to completion, we take complete ownership of the project & work with fervency. Our staff is always growing and applying skill and knowledge.”

We believe in the power of clean energy and we want to do our part to provide that capability wherever we can, and by teaming up with the government on projects, we can now reach beyond the great state of Texas. That’s right, when it comes to federal jobs we now reach across the Land of the Free, The Home of the Brave, The United States of America.

So, what do we do? We are here for federal service as installation contractors to help meet green policies, requirements, and responsibilities of and for the US Government and to support the goals of the DOE. Additionally, we have amazing teaming relationships for other construction services, so please feel free to ask about other projects you need taken care of. If your project is not a fit for us at this time, we will let you know.

As federal buildings are being refurbished to be more efficient and eco-friendly, we want to be there to install anything and everything with the skill of master craftsmen. And while more and more green projects are underway, we will be your advocate to make sure the job is done correctly on time.